State of the Union

I vomited a hairball during the State of the Union Address last night.   I’m sure it wasn’t a political commentary as the Woman wasn’t even watching it.   She decided that there wouldn’t be anything new.  Actually we watched a few minutes but she was bothered by Nancy Pelosi chewing her lips as if she were nervous back behind Bush.   We didn’t actually *watch* Bush, we worried Nancy would make her mouth bleed.

Then the Woman changed the channel and I went and vomited a hairball.  Okay, I lied. I vomited a large piece of one of my favorite feather toys and I did quietly so the woman didn’t notice but the human male nearly stepped in it when he walked in the door.   He now wants me to take a break from my feather toys!

At any rate, if the State of Union is anything like the state of my life, then it deserves the hairball.  I’m sure if anyone listened to me, I could do a better job.   Of course, listening to the after commentary, it doesn’t sound like anyone is going to listen to Bush either.   Well he had his chance.  I also have to say his voice wasn’t nearly as irritating as many on American Idol these last few nights.

Now wasn’t that politically correct?  Am I learning to say one thing and do another?  I’ve resolved to hone that skill you know…


  1. a break from fev-ver toys? is he INSANE? sounds like you need MORE fev-ver toys ta us – ‘parently yurs is all chewed up.

  2. Chey hopefully you won’t do this when you have to give your own ‘State of the Union’ speech. You will be elected you know.

  3. Oh my lovely Chey, we lead such similar lives! Meowmy kept thinking the same thing about Madame Speaker! She couldn’t stop watching her chewing her cheeks/lips! Plus, the Chip Man is always trying to take our toys too and that really sucks.

  4. Oh…the Chip Man completely agrees about the American Idol singers!

  5. My *mom vomited a hairball during the State of the Union Address, right before the TV got turned off.

  6. We don’t know bowt the State of the Union, but we do know bowt fev-ver toys. Yoo tell him no fev-ver toys means he will haf a riot on his hands.

  7. A break from feather toys? Oh no! Definitely not a good idea. Feather toys are so much fun to play with and playing is important! It’s how we cats stay in shape. 🙂

  8. Do you think the president ever bomited a hair ball?

  9. Tell him it’s feather toys or his toes. Something is getting chewed!

  10. Lux, that’s amazing that your human vomited a hairball. Mine just passed a lot of gas, but it could have been the hanging on flu part…

  11. Funny, i vomited a hairball at the state of the union, too. Well, that’s anytime I hear Bush speak. 😉

    Tell the Woman and the man that the Big Island is nice, but that Carmen votes for Maui – more to do. But then, i’m not going on a HONEYMOON dammit! 🙂

  12. I’d say you had great timing for your hair(fev-ver)ball, even if it wasn’t intentional.

  13. I’d have just let cats fink it was the State of the Union thingy that made me barf a hairball. Maybe it’s good I’m not running for office. Or maybe I’d be good at it. Dunno. But I sure wouldn’t want to take a fev-ver toy break. More fev-ver toys!!! Oh and yeah to your comment on my post — we cats can sleep however we want!

  14. We had it on, but I didn’t listen too much…Mom and Dad just got home from work and I wanted to play. But I did notice when Mom went nuclear when Bush said nuculer, that drives her nuts….

  15. Mom says a hairball was the appropriate response to the SOTU speech. We didn’t watch, we slept. Ko Ko ate his feffer toy he got for SP already and Mom hasn’t even posted the picts yet.

  16. yep, the speech deserved a huge hairball. yours will be much better

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