Political Musings

After promising me all sorts of support in my own campaign, Hilary has decided to throw in her hat. Of course right at the moment we are not rivals, as she is running for the nomination of the democratic party and I am the Meezer party candidate. Still it’s disheartening when she was begging to be my vice presidential candidate a few months back and now suddenly she wants the prize.   I knew I shouldn’t trust her.

I’m sure she’s just jealous and knew that she’d never be choosen over the likes of such excellent candidates for my vice presidential candidate as Derby and Skeezix.  Both of them uphold my values in a way that she doesn’t.  Of course the huge amount of press she is getting will impact the amount of press space I can get in the main stream and this troubles me.   It’s too bad that politics are so unfriendly.

I’ve been snoozing on this and have to ask.   Derby or Skeezix for vp?  You know the Vice President must be good at staying in the background and ready to take the helm if something happens to the president.   Who would be better?


  1. That is very, very hard to decide. I would vote for you with either of those running mates.

  2. That’s a tough decision Chey! They would both make very good running mates. Good luck making a decision – I don’t envy you!

  3. Tough decision indeed. But of course, a Cat for VP would be better than a human any day.

  4. Guess you know who I want! hehehehehe.

  5. I don’t envy you your decision! 🙂

  6. hmmmm….good luck!

  7. Wow…tough choice! I don’t know if I could make that decision if I were you.

    But coming from my purely selfish ties to you, my love, I find Skeezix less threatening than Derby. Skeez tends to pee his pants whenever things get a little scary (according to Mao) and doesn’t exactly know how to handle himself with the ladies so I’d feel safe with him around.

    However, Derby might really boost your campaign and I think he’d be a great leader but would still defer to your wisdom.

    Good luck my love! And whatever you choose, I stand by you! Mind if I come over for a snuggle later?

  8. There is no way I could make that decision! Good Luck!

  9. Maybe you should take a poll???


  10. Very tough choice! Also a good time to get your video skills! Tele-promptors can be rough to get used to, even for a smooth feline such as your self!

  11. I just came from watching Skeezix in another blockbuster movie! There’s that to consider – if you chose Skeez, would he have to take time off to jaunt about the world making movies?

    Woo – hard choice!

  12. Sorry for the late reply, Chey, but we’re just getting around to catching up on everyone’s pages. We consider both Derby & Skeezix to be great guys and a good friend, so it’s hard to choose. But considerng their personalities, I think Derby would be the better choice. Skeezix is so outgoing and flamboyant, he might outshine you and no one should do that!


  13. Can I be ferst ladey??? I found a pink pillbox hat!

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