Oh Honestly…

Oh Honestly, I didn’t think that was a dirty photo. Really the way people are going on about it. Apparently it’s okay for Barack to inhale and remind the good people of the US that was the point when you were a kid but it’s not okay for me to make an opinionated statement… I feel like Yoko Ono.

By the way, Barack, I’m with you. As a kitten, I too inhaled. However, as catnip has always been legal, I still have a leg up on ya.


  1. We only just saw THAT photo, an if we wuzn’t bofe alreddy spoken furr, we wud be haffing urjes too.

  2. LOL not even formally in the race yet, and scandals have begun! 😉

  3. I didn’t get any urjes, but the Wonman wants to poke you in the tummy… I’m sorry, she’s a freak.

  4. This, too, shall blow over, Chey.

  5. We thinks you ahve a lovely starfish!

  6. Dirty? I guess I’m too young to understand, because I just saw a very puffed-up fluffy tail!

  7. Don’t worry Chey, it certainly was just a strong statement!

    But it did give me urjes….

  8. we didn’t fink it was a durty pikshur. we fought it was funny. alfough, not your bestest side.

  9. Ha. Who thought it was a dirty picture? Pooh was very entranced!

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