Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights are a boon to cats.   Most people install them outside to warn off potential intruders.   These lights are often set to sense higher than the average cat.  Even if they do sense the average cat, the humans hardly notice.   The exception is that if you time turning the light on with a particularly good moment in a horror flick.

My humans have set up an inside motion sensor light.  The light comes on automatically when you come through the back door.  It senses the human at about the door area and turns itself on.  I love playing with this light.  My tail is just high enough to turn it on.

I like turning it on when the woman is trying to nap down there.   It wakes her.  It also wakes her when it turns itself off.  I like turning it on so that when she wants to read in there she forgets to turn on a real light too.  It’s nice to turn it on in the middle of the night to make the humans wonder who is in their house.  I find that this little riddle gives me hours of pleasure watching the humans!   I think every cat should have at least one of these to play with.  Now, if I can just get them to move it to the bedroom!


  1. Hee hee, I like the idea of you panicking the humans. Our neighbours have one of those security lights in their garden that is motion operated. But my humans get cross when foxes or cats make it come on very bright in the night when they are trying to get to sleep because it shines towards their bedroom window.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a very cool toy Chey! I’m sure it gives you a great deal of enjoyment. 🙂

  3. Chey, I like the way you think!

  4. Oh that light sounds like a great toy. Moooommmmm, we want one of those.

  5. hmmm sensor litez.
    dat would be so much fun!
    i havta talk to mi mom abowt gettin sum fer me to play wid.

  6. We meezers are pretty devious lots!

  7. Oh, the heady sense of power!

    High five,

  8. Heh…Buddah and I would totally rule with a light like that. To bad there’s no way we’d ever get the People to put one in…

  9. Hmmm We have sensor lights…but not inside. I better not let OC and Carma see your blog today!

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