Meezer Monday

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOh look, it’s not me! Imagine that.

Here I’ve been working my tail off to help this woman when she is sick as can be and then she puts up a photo of the Siamese who came before? This is Simone. It is a stunning picture of her. Notice her lighter coloring. Notice her heavier face. In all likelihood she was not quite a purebred.

Anyway, we’re sorry to not have been around checking up on the neighborhood here lately but the Woman has had the flu quite badly. We’ve been snuggling with her and purring at her as much as possible, but just when we get comfortable she decides she has to move or go to the Human Litterbox. Sigh.

It also means that she’s gotten me behind on my resolutions. This could be unforgivable. After all how hard is it to sit up at a computer for the time it takes to make my blog perfect?


  1. I hope your Woman feels better soon – my mom’s had some cold-thing going on, too.

    Mom says that Simone could have been purebred, that Siamese have been becoming more “typey” as time goes by. She had a purebred lilac-point named Celeste who wasn’t very typey by today’s standards.

  2. Healing purrs to your mum. Not good to be sick, but give her a break on keeping up with the blog. She needs her rest.

  3. we duzzn’t know ’bout purebreds, but she sure was gorgeous. we hope yur momma’s gettin’ all better. when our Lady had the flu, we wuz inconvenienced lots by that runnin’ to the barfroom thing too.

  4. Oh no, your poor woman! I hope she is feeling much better soon. I was in a perfect snuggle spot last night and then Meowmy’s legs got “stiff” and I had to get down.

    I don’t know, Simone looks just like an Applehead Meezer to me, quite purebred, just the traditional head. But meezer markings are quite an interesting study indeed!

  5. Simone is a lovely looking cat! Is “Applehead Meezer” a real thing, Latte, or am I just too guliable? hehe

    I hope your mammacat feels better!

  6. Yep, looks like an applehead to me! Very beautiful too.

  7. I hope your mom feels better soon! You’re a good Meezer to be giving her lots of snuggles and purrs. We cats are often the best medicine when our humans don’t feel well.

    Simone was a lovely Siamese.

  8. She was a very purrty kitty!

    Hope you Mom is feeling better! It took my Meowm about 4 days to get completely over her sickenss!

  9. Yes, appleheads are definetly real and purebreed! A lot of us meezers owe a debt to appleheads. She sure is pretty.

    Sorry about your Mom. Lots of nasty things going around. I hope my Mom doesn’t catch anything from helping me blog….

  10. Hope your mom gets to feeling better soon! I think of you every day when I go to get pop and snacks from the fridge. 🙂

  11. I hope your woman feels better very soon! I have trip pictures up when you get back on the computer!

  12. Tara (not the cat) says:

    I know this is comment is for a post done a while ago, but I have just started reading your blog, and have caught up to this point. The cat who came before, Simone, looks a lot like a Tonkinese. I have two pure bred boys, and she looks exactly like my Platinum mink, with the exception of the stripes in the tail. But her face, and body shape, points, and even eye color are almost identical to my one boy.

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