Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.  It’s a wonderful time of beginnings and ideas.  I am excited because Tiggerprr sent me an ecard that told fortunes and it predicted that I will sleep all day and conquer the world!  How appropriate.

At any rate, the contest is coming along nicely and I need to get those prizes ordered from mysiamese store.  I am checking things out and talking to cats about VP running mates.   Derby has said he is interested. Are there other cats out there who are interested? Let me know. Now is the time!

I have to admit, that I am a bit radical for some humans. I believe in species equality, a balanced budget, good schooling for all (including cats–after all how many cats are there in the US and how many of us blog?  All cats should be internet savvy and be able to spell) and that schooling should be funded. I believe everyone should have access to basic healthcare.   I believe we shouldn’t be at war.  A good cuff now and then can be important in keeping an upstart cat in line, but this prolonged war is downright un-catlike.
I am absolutely willing to engage in any presidential debates or staredowns that come my way.
Well those are just some of my overall stands on many issues.


  1. Happy 2007, Chey, good to meet ya at tha par-tee….
    Missy Blue Eyes, KC, and lil Bear

  2. Happy New Year.

  3. chey,
    i agree wid yer platform … espeshulee da point abowt cat bloggerz bein able to spell. it’z eesentshull, i beleive.
    luv–yer frend–jh

  4. Happy New Yearz to you an d yourz family.

    Fanks furr visiting our bloggie, and wishing the old man a happy burfhday.Good luck finding a good running mate and fantastic New years Resolutionz.-Sia

  5. I will certainly be one of your strongest supporters in what is sure to be a cut-throat (yet peaceful) race …

  6. Happy New Year Chey!!! As the fuchur Minister of Ham, I agree wif your platform! – Miles

    And, and the fuchur Minister of the Innernets, I also agree wif your platform, and wish you a furry happy new year – Sammy

  7. Spelling? Um okies. hehehe Happy Noo Year Chey! Fanks for comin to the party, it was fun to see you!
    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  8. I would so totally vote for you!

  9. If Canadian kitties could vote for President, I’d certainly vote for you!

    When you win, we should work on a mutual protection plan between our countries against the threat of vishus deers!

  10. Oh, and Happy New Year from all of us!

  11. Happy New Year Chey! I like your platform. If German-Canadian cats could vote, you’d have mine for sure.

  12. Happy New Year Chey! Another kitty running for president? This is going to be interesting. 🙂

  13. Species Equality? I am FOR that!!!!

  14. I agree with all of your points! I’m certainly willing to help anyway I can with your campaign!

  15. Hi Ches! Thanks for the well wishes for 2007! I wish you the same 🙂 Good health and lotsa good way fun adventures!

  16. Happy New Year Chey! I wish you good luck in your campaign even though we are Brits so we can’t vote in your election. We need a cat to run for PM now that Blair is stepping down…hmmm…

  17. What does Ayla mean “another” kitty? Who is it? We didn’t know there was any cat other running for President! This might split the cat blogosphere vote! You should join forces.

    We were thinking Zeus would be a fine Secretary of State. His wit and intellect would be invaluable. Of course, we don’t know if he’s interested in politics.

  18. Happy Meow Year
    Feliz Año Nuevo
    Welcome to my blog

  19. Chey: I like the schooling thing. I’m sure that i could get Mom to consult for free. It’s important for cats to blog in a grammatically correct format (although creative spelling is up for interpretation …).
    Happy New Year!

  20. happy new year! when are you announcing your run for president? 😉

  21. Oops!Sorry!

  22. I agree with yoo 100% on gitting cats to lern to spell. I can’t beeleeve how many illiterut cats thare are owt thare!

    And I’d be intristid in being yer running mate. Heer’s why I’d be a good wun:

    1) I’ve never had a gerlfrend, so thare won’t be any skandals to sink the tikit.
    2) I’ve never had any boyfrends, eether.
    3) I don’t mind attending lots of rotary klub dinners ware they serve chikkin and old ladeez kiss me.
    4) I wood reeeeely like an ixkyoose to git a nice bloo pinstriped soot.
    5) I have no vices (catnip duz nuthing for me) ixsept for my tape fetish, and I don’t think peepul woodn’t vote for me becuz I suk tape.
    6) I wood rite a vice prezidenshul blog evry singul day.
    7) The vice prezident duzn’t akshully have to DO anything, and I’m reeely reeely good at that.
    8) I go hunting a lot, and I’ve never ever sprayed anywun in the face with bukshot.
    9) I’ve never had a hart attak.
    10) I think it wood be fun to go to a konvenshun, becuz thare are so many streemers and konfetti and baloons.

    Sinseerly yers,
    Skeezix the cat

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