So, I  heard from Skeezix that he has a pink pillbox hat.  He’d like to be first lady.   I’m not sure how that works. I understand that Latte can be first Tom, but I’m not sure how Skeezix gets to be first lady. Maybe  Latte and I could adopt him and make him first daughter?  He can still wear the pink pillbox hat.   As it stands, I am breathless awaiting photos.

This must mean that Derby will be my vice president as vice presidents don’t typically wear pink pillbox hats.  Can you imagine Cheney?

In other odds and ends news, we will be moving my blog sometime in February and I will keep you updated.  No one should be affected, except me.   The address will remain the same but we are changing hosts and the woman is a bit worried about moving such a big blog to a new host!  We’ll be experimenting on another site to see if we can install this blog there under a different name so that we know we can do it when the time comes!


  1. Maybe Skeezix could be your Press Sectretary. He could still wear the pink pillbox hat and he’s really good at getting news out.

  2. Good luck with the blog move!

    Karen Jo has an excellent suggestion – Skeezix would make a fabulous Press Secretary! Or else your idea to have you and Latte adopt him sounds cool. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait to see the picture either! I really do love the idea of him being press secretary. Or we could certainly adopt him, a family always looks good to the constituents!

  4. press sekretary would be a good job for Skeezix!!

  5. I think Skeezix would be an excellent Press Secretary. What a great idea! He certainly does have his paw on the pulse of the cat blogosphere, doesn’t he?

  6. Can I be the first human? Or create a post for me called Defense Against Stupidiy Minister.

  7. Carmen, I think that’s a great idea. After all there’s so much stupidity out there. New cabinet post!

    I also think Press Secretary would be great for Skeezix. I wonder if he’s up for it?

  8. Oh I sure could imagine Cheney in a pink pillbox hat! What a riot that would be!!

    (you shouldn’t have any trouble moving the files to a new directory. I moved and renamed my wordpress directory files without any snags)

  9. Ii don’t wear hats PERIOD.

  10. That’s why you’d be perfect for the VP Derby…

  11. My vote goes to Derby!


  12. This is going to be an exciting campaign, I can’t wait! Tara

  13. Chey, I’m responding to your inquiry as to whether I’d be interested in a Joint Chief’s position. In truth, I’ve never considered a career in politics, but I think as an elder statesman (10 years old this July) in our cat blogosphere I may be able to offer sage advise & counsel during your Presidential term, so I’d be pleased to accept a cabinet post.


    P.S. I think Skeezy would be a fabulous Press Secretary!

  14. Well, sounds like you are getting your helpers all figured out!

    Good luck with the move!

  15. Hey Chey,
    Have you seen the instructions for moving WordPress blogs over at WordPress.org? They’re marked “New”, so I guess they haven’t been out long. http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress has the info. Just in case you hadn’t seen it.
    Mom Robyn

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