Best Places to Shed 2007

We all have our favorite places to shed and they change from time to time. I’ve decided to devote this post to the best places for this year, based on recommendations and observations over the last year.

1. Anything that complements the color of your fur. For instance, Gemini should avoid shedding on brown material as she is mostly brown. A lovely cream outfit looks nice against her fur. I need to beware the cream but should go for the dark brown or better yet, the nice green blanket that lies on the human male’s side of the bed.

I give this spot that complements my fur a three paws up.

2. Shed on the furniture after it has been vacuumed. This way fur stays where it needs to stay for the longest period of time.

This is a three paws up place unless you have furniture that complements the color of your fur, then it’s five paws up.

3. Shed in visible places. It does no good to shed in the closet where no one can see your markings.

Visible places have a variety of ratings. They begin with the one paw up place which may include the carpet in a high trafficked area to a great big five paws up for the highly trafficked sofa that complements your fur.

4. Shed on the clothing in the closet. This is the best of all. Choose outfits that are favorites. Make sure to shed especially heavily on anything that is dry clean only.

Regular outfits are a three paws up. Dry Clean only is a four paws up.  However this is only true if it compliments the color of your fur.
5. Food shedding. It’s tough to get your fur in the food.  Ordinary dinner for your main human is only a two paws up (for difficulty). Fancy dinner for guests: PRICELESS!


  1. This is some very good advice, thanks!

  2. Hi, Chey! I am a big shedder, as I have long hair. I intuitively follow your advice. But recently, my humans have been talking about “buying more cat-colored clothes.” I guess they want to disguise my furry leavings. At least so far they haven’t redone the entire house in beige!

  3. OC could have co-written this with you. He loves to leave his white fur on our black cloth loveseat. The contrast, is breathtaking.

  4. i think it iz a grate surprize wen mickey shed’z on a chair an sum unsuspectin person warin nice black pantz takez a seet. dere’z nuthin like watchin dem get up an walk away. i luv da contrast uv white fur on black pantz!
    luv–yer frend–jh

  5. I have to say, being a white bun, any of DKM’s clothing gets 5 paws because she only wears black!

  6. Practicing good Fang Shui. I like it Chey! Ohh that rhymed.

  7. Wow! I didn’t know there was so much involved in shedding. Since I have no fur, I don’t shed, so I wasn’t aware of all these factors.

  8. great advice! we have a problem with shedding because all the beds have solid black sheets and most of the clothes the Lady and the teenagers wear are black (buncha Goths in this house, I guess). our favorite place to shed is on the Lady’s jacket that she wears to work, because her boss is VERY allergic to cats and if she wears it into his office, he starts sneezing.

  9. My mom wears a lot of black clothing (great planning, huh?), so it’s quite obvious at a glance she lives with a white cat!

  10. We’re taking notes here. Fanks for the tips, Chey!
    Boni Maroni

  11. What grate sugjeshtuns! We also like to shed undur owr lady’s covurs cause she duesn’t like owr hare in hur bed.

  12. I’m really not that big of a shedder. Chase is REALLY good at it because he has longer hair and its tri-colored. Everything shows his hair and he loves to shed!

  13. Flynn: I don’t shed furry much, but fanks furr the advice, now I no how to make the most of the littull bit I do shed.
    Eric: I haf longer furrs than Flynn an I shed efurryweer. A gud place to shed is when yoo see a big pile of ironing waiting to be done. If yoo clime on top an make yer bed in it, that has reely good results.

  14. Pooh Bear doesn’t shed, he just pulls his hair out and leaves it in clumps on the floor. 😉

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