Wednesday Wishlist

Okay so you know what I want for me. This is what I want for the world

I’d like peace on earth so that all the humans can be home.

I’d like fair pay for everyone. This means that it ought to be CEOs who are paid $25,000/year and teachers who are paid 63 Million plus bonuses each year.

I’d like healthcare coverage for everyone.

I think everyone deserves a home, with a roof and running water and enough food to live on, this includes cats and dogs!

I think we all deserve a little more love.

I wish humans could purr.

I wish that we all had what we needed and no one had to worry about how they’d keep paying for stuff.

That is my Wednesday Wishlist.  My personal wish list was published here.


  1. We liked your “selfish” list too!

  2. That is a wonderful list. I am with you on every single one.

  3. That’s a wonderful list Chey. 🙂 Those are all things that I wish for too.

  4. That is the perfect list! And why isn’t humans can’t purr??

  5. I love your list! I wish all humans could purr too. I can purr, I purr, and chirrup, to OC and Carma all the time, I know they understand me.

  6. Wow, great wishlist! And if you could have everything on your list, even just some of the things, what a better world this would be! Have a happy holiday and new year!

  7. that was a wonderful list Chey!

  8. Humans don’t purr? I’ve heard some “purring” from my Agent when she’s congested!

    You are such a loving and thoughtful Meezer, Chey!

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