Thank you Latte

I’d like to take a moment to thank Latte Meezer for the lovely bed that we got for being the 4,000 visitor. Okay, I know Gemini was sort of the 4,000 visitor and technically it’s her bed, but when the camera gets recharged and you see it, you’ll all understand why I have commandeered it!  It’s perfect.

We’re cleaning up here from the windstorm.   We are fine and so is the immediate neighborhood. We just got power back this morning (Sunday).  The storm blew through on Thursday.  We lost power about 8 PM.  Believe me–I was glad to have the bed to curl up in in front of our gas fire place!

We were lucky to have the gas fireplace as the temperatures were dipping down below freezing at night.  We also had a gas water heater so that anyone who could abide such a thing, could take a hot shower!  I’d like to say a few things about gratitude.

I am happy with the neighborhood we are in.  The family across the street was making sure everyone had food when she took food out of her refridgerator (that was going bad) and cooked it at her sister’s on a gas grill.   Other people were taking hot water around to be sure that everyone had warm water. KOMO 1000 AM, an affiliate of ABC had “neighbor to neighbor” on which meant that from the time of the storm, when started listening about 9 PM and continues today as there were still just under 300,000 people without power in King County as of this morning, dj’s were mostly taking calls from people experiencing the storm and in the after math, if people needed someting they could call and request and if someone had something offer they could call and offer.   The station was matching them up by general area.

As gasoline was hard to come by (you need power to pump!) people could call up and tell others where a station had power (and later had gas as well).

Over all, I was impressed by how the humans on the ground handled this.  While many of us are frustrated with the way Puget Sound Energy handled this (particularly compared to how Seattle Light), everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say to the linemen who are out there working their behnds off.  It’s easy to  forget these guys, but they are out in all weather and have worked round the clock on 12 to 16 hours shifts to try and get power back.   I, personally, am recommending that the Woman offer the lineman she has as a patient a free treatment as soon as he has the time to come back in and take a bit of care of himself.

Finally, this isn’t over for everyone.  We have friends who live farther east and patients who come to our North Bend office who are still without power.   Last night, it was still appearing as if they had several more days to go before the power would be back on.


  1. It is so nice to know that you have really good neighbors that take care of each other. You live in a lovely area. I hope it didn’t ruin things too much. I think I told you my husband has an aunt that lives in Mukilteo. She can see the ferry that goes to Whidbey Island from her window.

    CalicoMom Toni

  2. I am really glad that you have a gas fireplace and water heater. I am also very glad that your house wasn’t damaged and that you have such nice neighbors. Those linemen really do one heck of a job, but they are rarely mentioned in the news stories.

  3. Glad to hear that you and your neighbourhood are fine after the windstorm. It sounds like you live in a great neighbourhood and have great neighbours. We hope everyone has power back soon!

    Enjoy your new bed. 🙂

  4. we is furry glad that you are all ok – and it sounds like efurryone there has a furry furry good sense of community.

  5. i hope the power comes back full force so you can charge that camera!

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying your bed! I’m thrilled the mail man could bring it to you during that time, hopefully you snuggled up in it. When our heater died in the middle of the winter last year I didn’t leave my Millie Bed.

    I am VERY glad you’re OK! I mean, what would we have done without our favorite political meezer?? And more personally, the prettiest meezer in the world!


  7. I’m glad you survived! Must have been great having the fireplace. We were without power for only 3.5 hours one night last week (still not sure what happened to the 3-mile stretch that was without) and my Agent panicked, thinking we were going to freeze.

    The temps went down only 2 degrees. Sissy.

  8. I’m glad to hear that you’re ok and was able to keep warm! Sounds like you have some good neighbors! 🙂

  9. Yep … My auntie was having that horrible weather in Bellevue, too … So much rain and wind … No electricity. Brrrr ….

    I’m glad to be in sunny San Diego where the temperature is in the high 60s right now.

  10. Yes, Bellevue got hit hard as well. In fact, I think Lake Sammamish is just sort of the border of Sammamish and Bellevue, though city lines are so silly, there might be a few blocks of Redmond crowding in there as well.

    Bellevue, though is such a major East side metropolis that it was amazing to us that so many parts are still without power. Microsoft went without power for over a day!
    I’m surprised the computing world didn’t fall to it’s knees…

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