My Selfish Christmas List

Okay, I read all the lovely things that other cats have wanted for the world. I’ll save that sappy post for another time.

List is what I want–me and only me.

  1. I’d love a car from Tesla Motors. They’re all electric so it’s environmentally sound. I gave Kukka a red one but I want mine in blue to match my eyes.
  2. I’m thinking an Organic Pig Farm. I like my ham and this would allow me to have good ham any time I wanted.
  3. I adore feathers. I think these are purrfect for me!
  4. I think that this particular tiara would look far nicer on me, matching my eyes and all.
  5. A press secretary
  6. A butler. I just think that would be just.
  7. A mountain retreat. Something modest, you know around 3,000 square feet. It must have a wood stove of some sort.
  8. I want a nice bed.

Kukka, of course, is having my office redone.  I must say I ADORE this gift, but there are other things in life that I want.  So anyone who wants to make a small donation to my list of things, is welcome to do so!  I’m sure there are many items in everyone’s budget!.


  1. Chey:
    I updated my blog post to include you on my list of beautiful Meezers … Sorry about the omit … I’ll chock it up to “Monday.”
    Love from DaisyMae Maus

  2. what a wonderful list Chey. I could help you wif the pigs when you gets them. For a small hammy price, of course. – Miles

  3. Chey, my mom says she wouldn’t mind having a few of those things for herself!!!

  4. Great list Chey. The earrings and tiara would look lovely on you! Although I would want to play with the earrings – I love attacking feathers!

  5. i think the tiara would look quite nice on you. Too bad i’m tapped from shopping already. 😉

  6. Hi Chey!! I can volunteer for your campaign if you need help but I don’t really have the money to buy you a nice gift.


  7. This is a very realistic list. Who knows? It could happen.

  8. I had no idea you wanted a car over your office remodeling. Allow me to present: something special for Chey!

    Merry Christmas, Meezerette!

  9. We’re a little confused. If someone was going to model a tiara, as the lovely lady is doing, wouldn’t one go with proper “tiara appropriate attire” for the pictures?

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