Meezer Monday

Sorry this is a little late! However, well, there’s been stuff going on. Carmen (and everyone else) is going to have to wait for the bed photo a bit longer… I wasn’t cooperative now that there’s a camera with a charge and some light..

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  1. Happy Meezer Monday . . . nice toes!

  2. Better late than never. Good shot of your Meezer toes.

  3. Very nice photo, although you look a little surprised to be having your picture taken.

    You could use this photo for Toesday too. šŸ™‚

  4. Well, of *course you weren’t cooperative once all the supplies were in place! That’s why we’re cats!

  5. Well, you were just excited to have power again. šŸ˜‰ I understand. It’s hard to sit still when you’re excited. ha ha.

    Chey, your face is so handsome! (Of course, you know that already)

  6. You look like you’re ready to fall over backwards! I love your long nose–you look so intelligent!

  7. Pink toes!!! That is so Chocolate of you. I have brown toes….

  8. Cute picture! Can’t wait to see the bed!

  9. Chey, I know that expression well! You are just about to bolt, right?

  10. Chey, I know that expression and pose well! You are just about to bolt, right?

  11. Brown toes are wonderful too Latte! Daisy, no actually I was just kicking out to try and knock that darned camera away as I was beginning to wash by lovely pink toes.

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