I Love Getting Paid

You know the woman thinks I ought to make a certain amount of money each month to earn my keep. Me! Working my little toes to the bone. Fortunately I am a member of payperpost. I love payperpost because at PPP I get paid to blog! That’s right–I get money to blog.

I follow their rules and link where they say I should link. I put in the images they say I need to add. I write the required number of words. I try and use a disclaimer so that you know I am being paid to post the link. A few places ask that I not do that, so I don’t take those opportunities. I can pretty much pick and choose what I wish to write about. I saw an offer that looked interesting to post about, but Santa was a bit more off color than most cats like, so I avoided that one.

I like payperpost because they aren’t specist. They don’t discriminate against me for being a cat. Another place hasn’t offered me any opportunities. I am not clear on whether it’s a specist thing or because my Alexa rating isn’t as high as I would want it. Just because I don’t have that many visitors doens’t mean the ones I do have aren’t loyal.

So anyway, that’s why I like payperpost. Oh and I wrote this for a good cause. We donated to Brandi and her family earlier this week so I had to reimburse the paypal account… If I hadn’t already done that or if I wanted to do more, I could donate this money to charity too.


  1. Here from Carmen’s party… I brought you a nice gift, that I know you’ll like…http://www.honeybaked.com/

    Happy holidays!

  2. What? I’m your only visitor from Carmen’s party??? Oh man that’s terrible. You deserve a great big gift… Hummm the ham looked pretty good to me. Made me hungry even.

    think…think… what might a cat enjoy more than ham? … maybe birds??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_HurUeATaM


  3. Wow, you get paid to blog! Hey Momma!!!!


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