Fire and Brimstone

The Woman went out to a Holiday Bazaar Saturday.   It was at an Episcopalian Church. You would think this was safe, but alas, I must say it appears that they are part of a Vishus underground!  It’s frightening to learn of this time of year, but I feel it is my duty to warn all cats of this.

The Woman innocently went into their Bazaar and looked at the crafts.  Just as she was leaving she spotted this Vishus item!  In the corner, there it was, packaged like something edible, but it said, “Not for Human Consumption.” Curious she looked closer.  It said, “Reindeer Food”.  It was to be spread on the law to ATTRACT REINDEER!!!!

Can you imagine my horror.  I have read with trepidition, tales from Skeezix about the Vishus-ness of deer.  I know that Reindeer are really just large, cold weather deer.  Suddenly, a Church, a place where I would have thought any creature, human or cat could take refuge, is giving out something to ATTRACT Reindeer!

Stay away, fellow cats.  Stay away.  The Episcopal Church is actually in league with Vishus Deer.   We are not safe.  After observing this, I realize that we are not really safe anywhere if even the Churches can be swayed by Vishus-ness.

Skeezix!  Stay strong. Keep your message out. I’ll be watching and waiting.  I worry for you that the Vishus creatures may somehow remove your blog.  We are living in frightening times… We must check in regularly.  We must not go into our yards alone.  We must make sure that our humans have not been swayed into believing that the Vishus ones are not.  We must be vigilant.  Most of all, we must protect cats like Skeezix who have put their neck on the line and gotten the word out.


  1. Heavens, yes! I have taken your warning to heart, and shall be constantly on guard against the sneaky vishusness of these creatures!

  2. Chey, THANK YOO for the warning. I’m abowt to wet my pants becuz the Food Lady and Mr Tasty Face go to a cherch EVRY SINGUL SUNDAY and sumtimes even more offin — they wint Friday nite, too!!! Do yoo think the vishus deer will git to them?? My goodness, I’ve got to stop and think — and I’ve got to tell the Vishus Deer Nayb erhood Watch Groop abowt this!!!

  3. I tried to sign Gemini’s comments but a big red x kept showing up in the verification box. I kept slapping it, but it wouldn’t go away.


  4. Oh my! The vishus deer have somehow managed to convince the humans that they don’t mean any harm!

    Thanks for the warning Chey. I’ll be on the lookout when my humans go to Church.

  5. But…but…but, we thought Sandy Paws reindeer were special…and well, different…than other deer. We gots to believe in Christmas reindeer…don’t we?

    P.S. – Happy Meezer Monday!

  6. oh my………. should we wax the roof so that the vishus rain-deers can’t land there on chrissmas eve? and if they can’t, then santy claws can’t leaf us any toys! oh oh oh oh oh……. this is terrible – Miles

  7. Oh wow! That is really scary. You know, I have never seen a Vishus Deer because we live in a highly populated area. I feel for those of you who have to watch out!

  8. Oh oh oh! Mine boy has a Boy Scouts meetin tonite at a church. I hopes they hasn’t used any deer attraction stuff. I fink Mom has to go wif him, too. His meeting’s in a basement. Can deer do stairs?

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