Christmas Day

I suppose that’s politically correct? After all I am not wishing anyone any sort of happiness on a religious holiday and am merely stating a fact that for me, today was a holiday–or rather a Holy Day.  Of course, I worship every day to the only deity I recognize… myself.

At any rate, I had a lovely haul.  I got some great food from our Secret Paw, Ethel Mae, a wolfie whom we would still love to thank!   I also got some feather toys. I grabbed one and pulled it apart post haste.

The three of us got a tunnel that makes noise when you run through it.  Gemini likes it best, but it’s great fun to jump on her when she’s running around or poking her head up through the little holes like a gopher.  I enjoy the pounce.  It matches  my Millie Bed.

I may have been captured on film somewhere near the bed, but only because Gemini was trying to crawl into it the minute I left and I had to go and make sure she didn’t stay too long. Just because I am not sleeping in it, does not mean that anyone else should be allowed to!  Of course, the human male is home which means the other computer where the photos are done and touched up will be out of bounds until he goes back to work. It’s really too bad.

I hope everyone had a warm and wonderful holiday.  I hope that family time was good and that each of us had a moment to reflect on the real meaning of the day.



  1. A furry clawsmas to u too. may u njoy this day as much as me n my pets are doing!!

    God bless

  2. Sounds like a good Christmas. 🙂 I received one of those rustling tunnels too. It’s lots of fun to play in.

    Happy Holidays Chey. 🙂

  3. Glad you had a good Christmas Chey. Sounds like yoo got lots of good stuff. We had lots of nice prezzunts too, and some noo luxury food.Flynn made a pig of himself and ate too much, then he got the skwirts. Mum made him stick to dry food today an he’s all right again now.

  4. Ooh, it sounds like you got a lot of fun stuff! Say hi to the others from me!

    We didn’t get a tunnel but we got some of those cubes that can be locked together. We just sat in them while the videocamera was on, but once it was turned off, one of those cubes went flying 2 feet into the air! (I might have had something to do with that.)

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I am glad that you had a nice Christmas and got some nice presents. It is good to reflect on the purpose of the day, as well.

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