Many of you have already visited Zeus’ new series Write or Wrong. If you haven’t, you might want to take a moment to bop over there.   It just goes to show that specist humans are alive and well.   Here I thought that making a run for president would bring them out, but even blogging cats have brought them out in force.

Zeus’ idea to show that many wonderful authors have been subjected to harsh criticism and gone on to become classics is a refreshing way to show us what we may be capable of!  Let’s all head over there to check out his post and to encourage him in his human observations.  As so many of us comment on the human condition, perhaps we see too clearly and make some humans squirm…


  1. Yeah! We went ofur there. Silly specists! *hissssssss* to them!

  2. We read Zeus’ article and found it very informative. However, whether speciest ‘beans pay attention, who knows. We believe the negative comments about pets blogging is due to some deep seated insecurity stemming from their childhood. Perhaps their mothers did not breast feed them long enough. Or was to harsh when grabbing the nape of the neck during disciplining.

  3. Fanks for the repurt on Zeus. We’ll go check it out.

  4. I must have been into OC & Carma’s ‘nip! I haven’t seen anything aside from a “what not to blog about list” that included cat-blogging. Where are catbloggers being dissed?

  5. I ignore the haters. If they don’t like us, they can click on.

    As I do with their blogs!

    Merry Christmas, Chey! 2007 is going to be a huge year of campagning for you (when Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton officially throw their hats in the ring). We’re backing you!

  6. Right on, Chey! I’m supporting a “Freedom to Catblog” constitutional amendment.

    Peace and purrs!

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