3 of the Best Reasons to Hide in the Christmas Tree

So, the humans have gone out and gotten a real tree and brought it inside. They seem to think you should stay under the tree. Under the tree?! What are trees for you might think. You would be right. Trees are for climbing.

Reason #1 You should climb the Christmas Tree. It’s a tree. It’s there. Do I really need to spell it out for you?

Reason #2 If you climb carefully, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of the humans as they hunt frantically for you. When they are ready to give up and haven’t found you, you can watch them jump as you mew from behind them.

Reason #3 All the best ornaments are placed up high so you can’t bat them around. Now you can reach them.

I realize you all have your own reasons for climbing or not climbing. I think this is the best one. My humans, unfortunately, have opted for a fake tree and those just aren’t worth climbing…


  1. Oh, Chey, I’ve given up climbing the tree. But you should read about Dolce and her tree! It’s fake and spins.
    Is that new button, Chey 2008, your campaign button? If it is, I’m gonna haf to pounce it.

  2. I didn’t realize you could climb the tree….hmm. My favorite part is the pine water! Tasty!!

  3. Oh, oh, if Catzee reads this then we’ll probably have tree on the floor, hee hee. I’ve never climbed one because they aren’t as stable as in the ground trees.

  4. Our tree is so small it is not even worth climbing. Yes it’s very sad.

  5. I fully agree. Fish gotta swim and cats gotta climb!

  6. I can’t climb my tree. It’s only a tiny bit bigger than me. And it’s on a table. A shaky table, that I WON’T jump on.

    I like sitting under the table though. The OTW put a big cloth on it and it hangs almost to the floor, so she has to lay on the floor to see me under it, and then I can run out and pounce her!

  7. My humans have a fake tree too. Plus ours is so small, it would not be fun to climb it. But in three years, when we move to Canada (well, my humans move back to Canada) we’ll have a BIG fake tree. I wonder if it will be fun to climb?

  8. So YOU’RE the bad influence! Or are MY cats the bad influence as pictured, here?


  9. plus, you can smell all pine-y if you sleep in a tree. or so Pooh tells me.

  10. Thanks for stopping by at my blog! You are one cute kitty!

  11. Great strategy. But you are always good for a little mischief…

  12. ah, so that’s what we are ‘apposed to do, but how is we ‘apposed to do it when we is locked in the bedroom wif mommy at night, or when she is screaming at us to get away from the tree?

  13. We hadn’t thought of actually climbing the darn thing. It’s too much fun to chase each other as we’re running around it and knocking the stuff off of it. Thanks for the tip!!! — Alberta, Sky,Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

  14. Heh.

    I keep trying to get Buddah to climb the tree, but he won’t do it. He doesn’t want anyone to get mad at him. He doesn’t realize it would be WORTH it!

  15. We’re jealous – we don’t get a tree!

  16. But I’m bigger than the tree, Chey! See? I’d squish it flat if I sat on it. hehehe Climb your tree extra for me if you want tho.
    Boni Maroni

  17. Tree? We don’t have a tree. If we did, we’d climb it. What mom? Oh. That’s why we don’t have one…

  18. We haf a tree but it duzn’t haf pine water. Mum sez it is an immytayshun tree, but it is high an gud to clime. I clime up it and peep owt of the branchis an it moovs rownd a bit an shakes. Eric tried climing it wunce an it felled ofurr an he got skeered an won’t clime it no more.

  19. That’s why our ‘beans use a fake tree. *sigh*

  20. I helped to set up our tree… come see! My tower puts me bout halfway up, so I can be high up wifout actyouly climbin the tree. Ho, ho, ho!

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