Who Else Wants “real food”?

I find the Woman to be a bit stingy with treats, giving them out primarily to Georgia if at all. My personal favorite treat time is when I get a bit of what she’s eating.

The Human Male thinks that giving me bits of real food is a bad thing. He doesn’t understand the reasons that this is good for me, as well as him. Here are my most convincing arguments:

1. Real food means that I get more vitamins and nutrients.

2. Real food means you spend less on cat food because I eat less of that.

3. Real food means you don’t have to spend all that time opening yet another can of cat food. I just eat from your plate.

4. Real food means you get to eat when I get to eat. As I don’t deprive myself, you actually get to eat more often.

5. If real food is good enough for you, it’s good enough for me.  I’d hate to have a better diet than you do. Now pass the chips.

I’m sure that if I keep up with this latest marketing ploy for real food I can win the Human Male over to my point of view. I’m open to other suggestions but I want to keep the reasons under 10 because humans have such short attention spans.


  1. we totally agree wif all yur good points thare, but…yur really gonna try ta REEZUN wif a HUMAN MALE? umm…good luck wif that…

  2. Well, processed Cat food is a human invention. Cats are not a human invention. Unfortunately humans have a tendency to try and “improve” on the natural. Natural food for natural Cats, that’s what I say.

  3. and real food means HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why are the ‘beans so stingy with their food?

  5. Since you’re very intelligent and have done a lot of research, what do you think of those raw food diets, like they sell at our pet health food store here?

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