We Interrupt this Siamese

This is Georgia. It’s great being a bit on the older side and having everyone be nice to you. You can say, I want to do this today and then even Cheysuli steps aside and says, Okay. That’s so unusual for her.

I wanted to discuss another fun thing cats can do. I haven’t seen anyone else discussing it and other cats need to know about this game. It’s a favorite of mine. It’s best if your human is lying in bed, face up. However, it can also be done if they are in a chair and reclined back a bit. The MUST be face up. You get up and step on their lower abdomen.

I called this Bladder Bouncing. The lower the better. This is especially good late at night because then they have to get up and use the human litter box. They give you more pets and hugs than they do if you just sleep on them.

That’s my tip from the Senior Cat Club…


  1. Chey!! Dont share the secrets that I’ve used on waking up my Daddy and Eve to get them to feed me. Shame on you.

    Kittie E Cat

  2. another Kittie E Cat Missive-

    And Chey, you must know I get my food from the pet store, with naturally alll natural ingredients 🙂

  3. I’ll have to try this one to get my Meowm up quicker in the morning!

  4. egg-sell-ent idea! i haffn’t tried bouncin’ yet, but i like ta lay on her an make luv paws on the Lady’s tummy. that works purrty well, plus she gets the added bonus of my butt an tail in her face. i’ll try the bouncin’ an the walkin’ too.

  5. Hey – we’re bladder bouncers too! But we find that early mornings (about 5:00am-6:00am) works best to get them up – especially this time of year when we want the heater turned on in the chilly mornings!

  6. BTW – we’re adding you to our blogroll – thanks for visiting us!

  7. Oh, I’ll have to try that. Thanks Georgia!

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