Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen of the best jobs for CATS

1. Performer. While we can’t all be Kukka-Maria, there are a number of semi famous cats in the performing arts. After, all there was Bob the Weather Cat on KATU in Portland about 10 years ago. There was the lovely Siamese in the original That Darn Cat (I realize it’s been remade, but I HATED that version–some semi longhaired cat when the book called for a MEEZER!). There was the Siamese that got the walk on in the ill-fated Snakes on a Plane. Let’s not forget the ever beloved Morris.

2. Pan Handler. We all know these cats. They run around and beg food or steal it from yards until someone takes them in and adopts them. Gemini started out this way as did Georgia.

3. Cat blogger. Yes, blogging cat actually make you some money. I, myself, have earned a wopping $23 from my blog. If you are really popular you can earn a bit more by advertisements on your blog. This can really bring in the chow.

4. Cat food tester. We are all wondering how we get such a job, aren’t we?

5. White House Cat. Socks certainly had one of the best positions in the country. Imagine secret service following you around to serve your every need and you don’t even have to make the big decisions!

6. Politician. We sleep. We eat. We get fat. Haven’t you heard of political fat cats? Hello!

7. Filmmaker. It offers us a chance to show off our creativity and then be rewarded for it. Look at Skeezix

8. Mattress Softness Control. As great nappers, we’d be shoe ins. I think humans ought to remember this.

9.Yoga insructor. With our lithe, stretchy body’s, we’d drive humans crazy with our moves! They could learn a lot.

10. Meditation instructor. We do this now for no pay. We ought to get paid for this hard work!

11. Detective. I can go on and on about my peers in literature. DC Randall was one of the first in the Gordon’s Mystery Series that inspired That Darn Cat. Of course, now there’s the Cat Who series, but DC holds a special place in my heart

12.Model. Look at all those cats who do such great poses. Think of how many strollers Skeezix has sold by using one. Think of how much cat food I could sell just by being shown with a can! Think of Morris, although he was more of a performer than a model. Still sitting for stills could be lucrative.

13. Exterminator. Look at how well Latte keeps the couch monsters at bay or Gemini keeps the invisible bugs at bay. We are NATURALS. In fact, that might be why we domesticated humans–so we’d have more things to catch…

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  1. We could not agree more about the original That Darn Cat. It was the best movie. The remakes are never the same. Mom read the book 3 times when she was young too.

  2. Great list Chey. πŸ™‚ Those are all perfect jobs for cats. As for getting paid, well, my kitten will receive food and shelter in return for being my meditation instructor and lap-warmer! πŸ™‚ (I can’t wait until November 25th when he comes home!)

    Happy T13. πŸ™‚

  3. not a huge cat lover…but this is quite cute!
    happy tt

  4. Interesting list you have here.

    Happy Thursday!

  5. Whatever job it is, i need my Pooh Bear to get one so he can help me pay for his food and vet bills. πŸ™‚

  6. Queen. Usually the cat is the queen.

    great TT and even written by a cat. LOL

  7. I had no idea the feline job market was so varied. Our own Sage has a lot of responsibility in her position as Objet D’art. It requires selecting and holding the most aesthetically pleasing poses on the most complimentary surfaces.

  8. cat food tester- better yet, HAM tester.

  9. Furry good list. I am going to make sure that my Mommy sees it cause she needs a new job.

  10. I didn’t see That Darn Cat. I’ll have to check out both versions…or maybe I’ll just boycott the remake, based on your feelings.

    These are great jobs for cats. I’m glad I live a comfortable lifestyle and don’t have to “work.” I mean, “working” the red-carpet every once in awhile is hardly strenuous!

    Great TT, Chey! (as always)

  11. An excellent list, indeed Chey. And may prove to be quite helpful!

  12. Wow! Those are all great jobs! I think I will keep mine as my Meowms keeper though!

  13. My daughter and her kids would love this list. They are cat lovers and have a few. Their oldest, Sonny, is called THE KING! He is the biggest napper around, never bothers anyone or anything – slips in, slips out!

    My TT is up.

  14. Don’t forget the two Siameese cats in Lady and the Tramp!

  15. Very good reminders about the many professions a cat can command. Command being the operative word. Nicely done.

    There aren’t any cats in LOST tv show, so that may not be of interest to you…polar bears, but no cats…

  16. Seeing as though I have no official job, I am going to use your list to my advantage in finding one! Solid research you have here, Cheysuli!

  17. And here I thought mine were only good for knocking things off my shelves on purpose to wake me up. πŸ˜‰

  18. I used to watch that darn cat over and over and over again when we first got the Disney Channel. And Miss Kittie E Cat is an expert mattress/fleece blanket tester.

  19. I’m going to show your list to my kitties. They might like to know how many options they have.

    Happy TT!

  20. Chey you can be my yoga instructor anytime!!! meow!!

  21. My OC, is the Head Box Biter here in the house. He bites boxes until I wake up to feed or play with him… :/

  22. Excellent run down of Cat jobs, Chey. I like mine however; Supervisor.

  23. Great TT! My kittens are still young, but they are the best models! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  24. That is a wonderful list Chey! And I’m honored to be on it! You are so right, there are tons of jobs cats would do better than humans!!

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