Rutherford B. Hayes

I found from my stats that someone found my blog by searching the term “Rutherford B. Hayes.”Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I have never blogged about Rutherford. Certainly he is not one of my favorite presidents. In fact, if I ever blogged about him, it would have been in a list of presidents I know the least about. It may also have been in a list of presidents I am most likely to forget. As I know I have not blogged these lists, then I am not sure where I could have discussed Mr. Hayes.

I realize that search engines are not perfect. My apologies to the Jennifer Roberson fans who find me when they plug in Cheysuli. I am not a fantasy novel, though sometimes my life lives like one. I can’t help it that my original breeder was a fan of the work. Of course, finding me is not a total loss. They’re fine books and I am a fine, fine cat.

My name, however, is not Rutherford B. Hayes. My parents were not named after Rutherford B. Hayes. My owner isn’t named Rutherford or Hayes. In fact, we can find no instance when either of us has ever spoken of Rutherford B. Hayes. So how exactly did someone searching this term come by my blog? I am perplexed.


  1. Zeus Is My Reason For the Season.

    And that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard (Rutherford B. Hayes search leading to you)! I feel sorry for all the people looking for info on Egypt who end up at my blog!

  2. “Zeus Is My Reason For The Season!”
    That post was too funny! Even though I visited from Zeus’ place, I’ve very much enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Hmmm … That’s quite a conundrum. I wonder what I’d get if I Googled myself …

    Thanks for adding me and for visitin’ my blog!
    DaisyMae Maus

  4. Mom has found some odd search phrases for our blogs too. She wonders if perhaps the search engines sometimes find something in the comments…….(?????)

  5. Like my Mom says, search engines are twisted weird things with big sticks up their… no Mom, I’m not gonna say that here! Well, you know. 🙂

    Zeus Is My Reason For The Season!

  6. That is very odd. I bet they were quite confused when they found your page!


  7. well, now they’ll have something to read about when they search on President Hayes. 🙂

  8. Are they still lookin for you by usin that search term? hehehe

    “Zeus Is My Reason For The Season!”

  9. Hello Cheysuli, you are a lovely cat with a lovely name. I also have a fantasy name. My breeder names her litters after different themes, and for my brother and I, the theme was fantasy. So I’m Dragonheart, and he’s Merlin.

    It can be quite amusing to see what humans type into search engines! I’m still not quite sure how they work, but my human mom is teaching me how to blog and use the laptop.

  10. I get some weird search engine strings from people coming to my site, too. Like, uh, “black slut pitchers.” ?? What the h@ll does that mean?

    Zeus is the reason for MY season!

  11. Perhaps there is some family relationship to Mr. Hayes that you are not aware of. I think you should do some investigative work, Cheysuli. You might be surprised!

    And I’m the reason … hmm … nevermind!

  12. Did you used to DATE Rutherford B. Hayes (or Hayesikins…as you are known to call him) at one time, Chey?

    I thought it was an amicable break-up! Maybe it’s not so much what you type on your blog that brings the Googlers here, but what you harbor in your heart.

    Doest thou still hold a flame for Hayesikins, Chey?

  13. we duzzn’t no Mr. Hayes eiffur, but now we’re confused ’bout sumfin else – what’s up with Zeus? ya gots all those comments sayin’ ’bout Zeus bein’ the reason an we can’t acksess his blog ta find out what’s up, on account of the Lady’s firewall on this ‘puter blocks his blog cause of the word ya get in the middle when ya put Zeus an Excuse togeffur.

  14. Wow! I wonder what you would get if ya entered my name.

  15. Hiya Cheysuli! Fank you fur visitin my bloggie. Rascal might fink I’m a nuisance, but I fink he’s a fuddy dud, hee hee.

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