Quiet Friday

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I am not caged. I’m just watching Gemini prance and waiting to make my move.


  1. was you gonna pounce her?

  2. Wow, yoo are vary gud at wayting until the rite moment to pownce!!

  3. Uh oh. What move are ya gonna make???

  4. It looks like you guys really get along and have fun. I wish Patches would have fun with me, instead of slapping me alla time!

    Precious Flower

  5. I can tell by that “innocent” look in your eyes – I do that, too!

  6. well, even if you were caged, it looked like you could easily escape. 🙂

  7. Pounce good!

  8. since you joined my holiday party fun, I wanted to leave you a virtual gift, too.


    It’ll look MUCH better with your great looks!

  9. You look so small and dainty- like me! But don’t worry, I’m sure Gemini knows you are in charge!

  10. Careful, Gemini looks like she outweighs you by 2 or 3 cats…

    Merry Carmen Christmas, Chey! I would like to remodel a room in your home to be exactly like the Oval Office. This way, you can get used to blogging from there so when you win in 2008, it won’t be such a huge transition!

    Claim your gift here. And ENJOY!

  11. Gemini looks a lot stronger…
    Here from Carmen’s party, little did I know I would get to play with the kitties!!! happy friday 🙂

  12. duz ya haf an “after” picshure?

  13. Very smart to bide your time before pouncing. Gemini looks a lot bigger than you!

  14. Ha, that’s a familiar scene around here, too!

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