How to Steal Food Like a Pro

Okay, so you want that pizza but don’t know how to get some?  You humans are really resistant to begging?  They don’t believe in treats?!  I’m sorry.  There are ways to work around them.

The best way to steal food is from the source.  This means getting on the counters and then moving over to the stove and taking the food right from there.   Quiet is key.  Remember pans can rattle so stay moving and stay quiet.  In and out is important because if they hear pans they might come and investigate. If they eat within sight distance of the stove, then this becomes harder.  Can you sneak behind other pans and cooking utensils?

Next best is from droppings on the floor. Arguably this is not stealing. After all if they drop it by your nose it must be for you.  The other problem is that you can’t count on this.

Lastly, stealing from a plate.   It helps if the human is far away, like on an unexpected phone call. However if they are engrossed in conversation and you have insinuated yourself near their food, sometimes you can make that quick grab and dash as you get that treat you so crave.   Of course, you’ve got to run fast and hide before they come and take it away.

These tips should get you stealing like the pro that I am! Who’s ready for some turkey?!


  1. Excellent tips! Grr seems to think she can get food by sitting politely and waiting. Cocoa’s favorite way is to whine and make little noises. I jump up on the purrson’s lap and snag the food with my claws real quick, then run away.

  2. Excellent advice, I must say!

  3. Can’t say I was to keen on human food until Catzee came to live with us. Our technique is to sit and stare. They always give me a sniff and a taste if I want it. Unfortunately humans eat a lot of inedible items.

  4. We finks those are excellent suggestions. Shamy does the stove trick, and I do the stealing from the plate in front of my meowmize. Althought the one that gets atleast one of us a definet treat is when we both try to steal from her plate at the same time. – Sia

  5. What’s turkey? Do you think I’ll get some?

    Your friend
    Misty E

  6. Turkey is the best. I find the best time to steal some is when they’re in the kitchen and the bird is on the table all alone and just calling to me. Of course last year I was a tiny kitten so it was easier.

  7. Oh, you are definitely the master! Thank goodness I don’t have to work that hard to get tidbits, cans, and treats (actually, Fudgie and Cocoa Puff do all of the begging work … I just show up for my share!).
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    DaisyMae Maus

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