Feline Insomnia

Georgia was walking on the human female last night and she had a bit of a tremble and shake going on.  Considering how much predinose she has been taking, the human female wasn’t all that worried because we are now on the weaning down level and so  she’ll keep an eye on her.

It occured to her that if Georgia were human that she would suffer from insomnia.  We looked up cures for feline insomnia but no one in google or yahoo were actually writing about FELINE INSOMNIA.  Certainly we got results. Some were about feline anxiety rather than insomnia.  Insomnia, folks, not anxiety.  Others were writing about feline behavior in general. Insomnia folks is not a behavior. It’s a symptom.  We also found a photo site that had photos uploaded by someone called “Insomnia”.   We found a site devoted to CANINE insomnia but nothing that spoke to the underground epidemic of feline insomnia.

I’m sure it exists. Does your cat ever wake and then wander?  Does he or she seem bored but doesn’t play?  Have you considered we might be suffering?  Have you considered that we might have reached our limit in sleep? Have you considered the horror of being a cat and able to sleep only 10 or 12 hours a day?! My heart bleeds for these cats and to think I could be living with one!  And there’s nothing to be done because even google and yahoo say nothing about feline insomnia!   There are only sites making fun of cats who stay awake 30 to 40 minutes at a time!

I’m appalled that I’m not even promised to find “Feline Insomnia” on ebay or amazon, suggesting that these search terms were not even on the radar by some of the largest purchases of google adsense content ads…


  1. We’ll I’ve certainly never had a cat, or heard of a cat with insomnia.

  2. Once you win the Presidency, you can create a cabinet position and allocate squillions of dollars for research.

  3. zzzzz…what?…really?…that sounds AWFUL – the poor kitties! we’re gonna hafta look inta this…soon…fur shure…zzzzzzzzzz…

  4. mommy finks trixie hadded that – she nefurr sleeped at night – she just sat right next to mommy and stared at her all night – for years.

  5. We’re all pretty good at napping – it’s an art form, you know. But it would be terrible not to be able to sleep! Thank you for checking into this subject!

  6. Mom once got me an herbal veterinary formula to help me relax in the car. Unfortunately (for her), she could never hide it in my food well enough for me to take it. It had valerian in it I think.

  7. I don’t suffer from insomnia…maybe a bit of boredom though!

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