Do You Make These Mistakes When Finding a Napping Place?

I have learned that living with this family there are certain places that are better left un-napped. Others are great places to nap. Finally, there’s that category of places that look like good places to nap but are lacking in nap-mosphere.
Do you pick a highly trafficked area? I know that the front of the front door looks good. It’s carpeted. It’s in the sunlight. Whatever makes it look good, this is not a good napping place.  You’ll get stepped on or tripped over. At best, the humans will all decide they must pet you and then you’re completely disturbed. Avoid high traffic areas.
Are you a kitchen counter napper? I know, this seems like the perfect place. Close to food. Usually somewhat out of the way. Cool in the summer. You’re likely to get kicked out off this area and this makes in an undesirable place to sleep.

Do you love to sleep on the heater? Yep. Another nap mistake. I know this sounds great in the winter. You stay warm, stealing the heat from the rest of the house, but your back can actually get too hot is you stay there too long meaning you’ll have to move.

Cuddling in bed can’t be a mistake, can it? We love to cuddle and snuggle. Cuddling and snuggling should remain separate from a good nap. You cuddle and snuggle at night, late when they are asleep. However, when humans nap, unless they are sick, they often move around too much and then you get moved.  Remember, nap time is your time to be undisturbed.  A human nap time means no such thing.
I hope that this helps you all nap more deeply and then play more hardily during the day.


  1. There’s no rest for the weary.

  2. Hello Cheysuli!! thanks for visiting my blog..

    You ‘ve some wonderful posts out here! I’ll surely come again to read more…
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    bye n take care.

  3. Bravo Chey!! Bravo! Thank you for addressing this topic as it is near and dear to my heart. You are so smart!

  4. I find I get my best naps while Mom & Dad out of the house. I usually choose their big bed that has the softest quilt, then burrow under it and stay there for 8 hours or so. I awake refreshed and ready to eat and then spend the evening on a lap getting in another nap before retiring for the night.


  5. Pooh thinks anywhere is a good nap spot. Especially sunbeams. 🙂

  6. Thank you for the great tips on places that are not good to nap in. I have a few set places to nap in and Meowm just brought me home a new bed. Check it out at my blog!

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