Cat Creations

Glass1a.JPG I realize that this photo is a little small.  It’s hard to get wordpress to let me use the photos at the size I want them too.  A friend of the Woman’s made this Siamese cat stained glass.  It was in honor of her other Siamese, Simone.  Hence the coloring is more lavendar than chocolate. She has promised that she’s going to do stained glass with my look!  I think it’s appropriate that I be honored that way!

At any rate, the Woman is helping her friend set up her website so that she can start selling her stained glass creations online.  I’ll keep you posted when the Siamese cat stained glass is available. After all, who can resist me?!


  1. That’s furry purrty Chey. I’s sure a Chey colored one would be sooper purrty. Mommy’s got a tuxie stained glass that a friend hadded made for her. I bet she’d like a meezer one too.

  2. Very beautiful, Chey! You must know some very talented people!

  3. Very Purrrdy!

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