Cat Blogging on Squidoo

I read about squidoo the other day. The woman then decided to go over there and check it out. At first we thought about doing a lens (or page) just on me but then she decided it would be far more useful to do a full lense on the cat blogging world. We still have a ways to go on our links. I don’t even think I’ve gotten all my cat links on there, much less all the cat bloggers links!
I’m inviting you all to join squidoo and do pages (or lenses as they are called) of your own. If you have a lens made, I have a group. If you do join and have a lens there, come join me at my group called Cat Bloggers Hangout. If you don’t see your blog listed in the cat bloggers lens and you become a member of squidoo be sure to let me know so I can add your link. I was starting to get worried how many links there were, so I feel I’ve had to limit it.
Let me know when you have your lens. I can add you to my favorites! The more traffic we get there, the more likely we are to meet some new cats. Oh? Did I mention that you can earn some money off your pages at squidoo too? Currently, Cat Bloggers is going 50/50, which means I get half and ecotrust gets half. Proceeds from my Cat Bloggers Hang Out Group is going 100% to the Humane Society. I found a page to suggest a charity, but the suggest a charity makes it sound like I have to work at the charity to suggest it. I’d much rather give my proceeds to Best Friends but they aren’t on the list (yet).

Oh and I have a lens devoted to me now too–seeing I created a group just for all of us. I wanted to join ya!


  1. That is an awesome Christmas card. Wish Momma would do something like that for us, but she bought cards with vishus deer on them!!


  2. That’s a cool site Chey!!! We may haf to make mommy sign us up too

  3. Great picture!

  4. thanks for the info. your cat card is very cute.

  5. Wonderful, Chey! As soon as my secretary (AKA Mom) can spare some time from my own 2 blogs, I’ll have her look into this in more detail.


  6. I think when I have more time I’ll look into it, but it definitely sounds interesting. New things are always fun. It sounds like this could work out for great rewards on all fronts.

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