Will they ever stop creating work for me?

Friday they installed the new window. I, naturally, had to supervise.  I am sure that the men coming in and out of our house who call themselves professionals, would not have done such a fine job if it hadn’t been for me.  I watched them as much as I was allowed… yes there was also the embarrassment of being shut up in the bedroom while the old windows were out the new one had yet to be put in… Sigh.

It was traumatizing.  I had to sleep the rest of the weekend. Oh–I guess-yes, I did eat.   Georgia is quite the piggy on steroids.  OF course, I still eat FASTER than she does so I get my share..


  1. supervise? wow. I just assume that they will do whatever they’re doing wrong, and won’t listen to me anyway, so I sleep in the closet when workmen arrive. 🙂

  2. Chey, I know its REALLY hard to be a meezer in charge. Sounds like you did a great job though! I can’t wait to see the new window.

    P.S. Purrr….you’re so pretty!

  3. Oh, we hide when the workmen come. We are not as brave as you.

  4. Wow, yoo are a veeerrrrrrry lonnnnnnng cat.

  5. Did they at least pay you in treats or tummy rubs?

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