Time Change

The time change has really let out my wild side.  Saturday night as the humans set the clocks back I started running around the house.  I attacked everything in the bedroom Sunday morning and then made a run back down the stairs.  I walked all over the human male while he attempted to sleep.  That was satisfying.

Then Sunday night I ran around again. In fact, not only did I leap on Gemini, I leaped over to Georgia and startled her.  This led to the human female tossing both Gemini and I off the bed.  I can’t understand. Georgia left to, in protest, no doubt.

Humans can be so fussy sometimes.


  1. yeah, mommy tossed me out after i jumped on her owie last night – Sammy

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of energy. We were also a little frisky this weekend. Mom says it is the cold weather.

  3. Wow! You really had fun! I was nice to my Meowm this weekend and let her sleep in a bit!

  4. Yup….meezers in the fall. I’m bouncing off the walls too!

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