I’m tired of spam at my mail box.

I’d like to thank the gentleman who seems to think that I am a long lost relative, but I am Siamese, not Sudanese and I doubt that we are related.   Also, I’m a cat.   I’ve tried opening bank accounts and they won’t let me. Perhaps when you find someone else to open an account for the millions you want to share with me, you can contact me and I can get my share THEN.  Until that time, don’t contact me again.

To the person who wrote me about the University degree.  When I post, I frequently hit an extra letter. I also type fast and may misspell some words.   I’m a cat.   However, I expect better from a University.  Please learn to spell the word.  It is not unversty.  I do not need a degree and if I did, I would go to one that didn’t misspell the word.

Viagra folks: I’M A FEMALE CAT!  I do not need viagra. I’m spayed. Therefore I am not interested in males in that way.  Please stop sending me information.

I am not interested in forex trading.  I have tried to get a social security number but I have not yet succeed, which means I cannot open a forex account.

I do not want to buy a home.  I mean I do, but the lack of a bank account, credit and a social security number means I probably won’t do it soon.

I do not want my breasts enlarged.  I have enough.  Do I really want to walk around like a cow that needs to be milked?  I don’t think so.

As to enlarging other parts of my anatomy… I’M A GIRL!  And no I don’t need a male who is enlarged. Thank you very much.

I’m not interested in porn.  Nor do I need the latest stock quotes.

What I’d really like, is a mailbox that allows me to only get comments and nice emails from the cats who are my friends. If you send me spam on how to block spam, you might just have done me a favor.

Thank you.


  1. Ebay sent us email complainin that we didn’t pay fur the digitall camera we bought, but there was a handy link to click an pay frum the email.

    Funny thing, tho. We nefur been to Ebay. We nefur bought a digitall camera. An Mom wouldn’t let me pounce the link.

  2. Yahoo blocks lotsa spam, but not all. Did you ever notice how much spam is directed at BOYS but how little is fur GIRLS? It’s all male or bi, but never female. Hmmmm. Purr.

  3. i loved this post, true.
    o, Victor, we’ve got thats one too.
    ‘n Bonnie, i finks boys gets more spam cause they has more prob-loms. we girls is okay, u know. Purrrrr.

  4. Amen sister!!

  5. You and Kukka are having the same problem and may be being bothered by the same guy. Did you read her today?

    On a more serious note, we almost never have spam problems with our account. Go to to apply for a free account. We chose “catlover” because that’s what Mom is!

  6. Hmm, those same people bug my mom. She has gmail and is experimenting with the filters. She’s successfully channeled about 98 percent of it into the trash!

  7. My blogging brother Darcy gets lots of spam, but I get hardly any. I think it’s because he’s such a bad boy, and also because he loves Spam, the canned meat product, and writes about it a lot. Seems like the more we notice those spam things, the more they come back at us.

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