Pets Can Speak

I saw this opportunity to check out and review from payperpost and how could I turn down such an opportunity? It is supposed to be about communicating with your pet

First off, let me say, *I* am not on this site. Nor are any of my dear, dear cat blogging friends. That in and of itself is a let down. The cat who speaks at this site is named Felix. He apparently has a friend named Sylvie who works with humans to understand “animal-ese”. I prefer the idea that I speak Siamese or at the very least cat. I am perfectly capable of making my needs known. I think for most of us who have our own blogs are very good at getting our wants and needs met by the humans who surround us. Perhaps we are just the lucky few who have owners who understand us?

There are some interesting articles for our human friends, like how to paint your cat. First, I should say my human needs to be an artist. I do not want to be drawn as a stick figure, thank you very much. At any rate, the human could learn something–or not. There are also practical articles on helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats.

This site has some potential, although I think Felix needs to inject a bit more of his personality there. He seems to be on a very short leash. Maybe they’ll give him his own blog? Check it out Pets-Can-Speak.


  1. Yes, I agree. Felix is doing little more than plugging his owner’s book. He should “grow a set” and say what’s really on his mind. But wait…perhaps he doesn’t have “a set” any more. Poor guy.

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