Now here’s a CSPAN we could all watch.

The Woman just got back from seeing the Robin Williams’ movie Man of the Year. She quite enjoyed it. Of course, she is my human and with my influence she has become quite political in her outlook. The Man came that way, which is fortunate because he’s too stubborn to be changed. Some would say we are alike. I would like to point out that I am not stubborn. I am right.
At any rate, The Woman was thinking that it was strange that they never really said who Robin Williams’ vice president was, or if they did both she and the Man missed it. The Man suggested that Bill Maher would have been a good VP for him.

I am thinking that a Robin Williams/Bill Maher ticket is a ticket even I could get behind. Then if we get Al Franken in as a senator, think of the ratings C-Span would get.

Of course, if everyone votes for me, everyone could watch me nap on C-Span… Now wouldn’t you rather watch that? Hello… Come back.. The comics aren’t on C-Span–I mean, you know, the comics you WANT to laugh at.

Stay tuned for my own video feed of me napping…


  1. Ah politics. The institution that humans think will save the world. If they would just take frequent Catnaps, enjoy plenty of Catnips, take at least 6 or 7 baths each day, and play more, then they’d be a whole lot happier.

  2. We’s stayin tuned!!!

  3. But, if you get ‘lected, and cats fill the cabinet, then c-span would be cat-span. that would be great TV. – Miles

  4. I just started reading Al Franken’s new book. So far, so good!

    I’d be careful backing Williams/Maher. You know how influential you are and you don’t want to take votes away from your own quest for the presidency!

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