I have talked with the woman and she has decided we will use Gemini’s blog for Georgia updates, to keep people from being confused. We had first thought we would post some updates here and some on Gemini’s but I’ll try and link to the little cat blog when we have something important about Georgia going on.

My superior intellect has allowed me to do some research on the brain tumor that Georgia has.  Most probably, she has a meningioma.  This is a benign tumor that is in the meniges of the brain (the outer part of the brain) so that in many cases it can be easily removed.  Georgia, however, is a 19 year old cat and ANY surgery is a risk.  The survival rate of cats who have the rumor removed is about 70%.  These are otherwise healthy cats.  Georgia isn’t a youngster and the vet said that a cat her age probably wouldn’t survive the stress of the surgery.

I found a couple of web sites on meningioma. One is here.   The other is vetmedcenter.

The symptoms we are seeing are from pressure on the brain fluid from the tumor, not an invasion in the brain.  It is possible, however, that Georgia has a lymphoma, which is cancerous and does grow into the brain. This is a fairly aggressive cancerous growth.  Her blood work will be back on Tuesday and we’ll have more definitive results, however, her symptoms are pretty classic of a brainstem area menigioma.

I’d like to thank everyone on behalf of the woman and Gemini for their kind thoughts over this week.


  1. Fanks for the information, Chey. We’s still sad, whichefur kind it is. We’s sendin all of yall lotsa purrrrrrrrrrrs
    ~~ Sanjee, Gree, Pepi, Mini and Boni

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Georgia. I hope her condition is not causing her any pain. I’m sending lots of loving thoughts to her.

  3. I hope Georgia will be okay. I will be sayin’ my purr-rayers for her and for the woman and your family.

  4. Yur a furry smart cat. It’s good to research what the VET says so you unnerstand. Poor Georgia! But 19 is a lotta years, too. My furry best wishes to all of you right now.

  5. Meowma and I will sing and keep our paws crossed that Georgia will at least be comfortable if a cure can’t be found for her.

  6. That’s that kind of tumor they thought I had. I’m very sorry that poor Georgia has it and I hope its not causing her any pain. You’re a good meezer Chey, you take good care of her!

  7. Latte, how did they come to decide it wasn’t that? Thank heavens, you are such a lovely cat.

  8. we are purraying that the news will be good. .

  9. We feel bad for Georgia. But at 19, she’s had a very long life…much longer than most cats.

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