Meezer Monday

Well here I am for Meezer Monday!


  1. You look furry furry sleek in that picture, Chey!

    Wish I wuz a Meezer.

  2. That is a gorgeous meezer body there Chey! I actually feel outnumbered with you and Mao being Chocolate Points. I’m the only Seal Point which is weird because we’re the most common.

  3. I just saw your name on Latte’s blog and wanted to come over for Meezer Monday. You are a very fine looking Meezer.

  4. Chey, I have just added you and Gemini to my link list. I look forward to visiting your blogs often!

  5. Nice meezer moday pikshur Chey! next monday we will haf pikshurs too!

  6. You look very relaxed……and very looooonnnnnggggg!

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