Meezer Monday

How about this?

It’s not my best shot but I don’t have tons waiting to be uploaded from this computer so I have to work with what I have. Perhaps the woman will upload a few more here soon-

Remember to check out




And there’s a new kid in town: Princess Sia over at Katnipppia. She’s a fine looking appleheaded girl but not nearly as lovely as me–of course we can’t all be me, can we?


  1. WE have a cat that does this ..We often call it “toadbutting”. I ams till not sure where we got this name but Samson and Delilah have been doing this for a while..
    Just browing blogs today

  2. That shot really shows off your points, Chey!

  3. That picture shows off your lovely chocolate points very well!!

  4. You look very sleek!

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