Left Behind

I can’t believe it!  The humans went out and saw Al Gore tonight and did not take me!!!  He was giving his talk on global warming in Seattle and they got two tickets for THEM!  Here I thought the male human might actually take me instead of her, but NO.   They left three hours early in order to beat the traffic and have dinner in town and then came home to tell me about it.

I am such a political animal and I really would have enjoy that speech.  Sure I’d have taken a nap when Mr. Gore was making a few inconsequential jokes.  Certainly I would have hollared when I got hungry but there was plenty of applause at various points to cover the sounds of my voice.   Perhaps he would have fed me?

I am told that it was a fantastic lecture.   He does a great job and is obviously passionate about the environment.  The woman quite liked the fact that he gets people fired up about challenge of new possibilites rather than with the feeling of being overwhelmed with doom.   The people of the US won in WWII when we were at war on TWO fronts.  The people of the US sent a man to the moon.  We can solve the problem of global warming.  Of course, it would be easier if humans were led by the superior intellect of a Siamese!
Mr. Gore took questions at the end of the talk. I had many for him!  I realize that my getting up to a microphone and then being allowed to ask a question would have been hard, but it would have looked good that he wasn’t a specist and let me speak.   But no!  My human had to decide to LEAVE ME BEHIND.  I blame the human male. He was the one who cheaply bought only TWO Tickets…!


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go! It is horrible the way we cats just don’t get invited to things like this. Hopefully your humans at least represented your feelings on the subject matter. At least you didn’t have to deal with lots of people wanting to stroke your meezer fur, that would have been annoying.

  2. Chey

    It was not nice that you didn’t get a ticket to go – I am sure you had many questions and observations on global warming.


    We cats are good a warmings!

  3. This is horrible! And selfish! Maybe you should leave him a naughty suprise for not thinking of you!

  4. That is an outrage! I think you should ignore them for the rest of the day. Well, at least untill it is meal-time.

  5. I say fart in their faces. It might not be good for the environment, but it sure sends a clear message about neglect!

  6. Blame the Man!
    That’s what we say around our house.
    If us cats had our paws on the problem, then there wouldn’t be global warming in the first place.
    We could lick any problem, if kitties unite!
    Meow for now ~ Daphne

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