He called me a PIG! (again)

I am getting very tired of the human male and his name calling. He keeps calling me a pig because I eat with gusto. Some people find it good that a cat has a good appetite.  He thinks I should be finicky or something.   Can I help it that I grew up with many cats and learned to jump over other cats and inhale my food?   I am tired of being called a pig.

He says that secretly I am a pig and that I even look a bit piggish.  I look nothing like a pig and pigs and I have very little in common.  I would say that with his round belly he looks rather like a pig too.

I am a sleek, svelte Siamese.  I look and act nothing like a pig. I have a musical voice and a delicate way of washing up after a meal.  So I barge in and eat my share. If I didn’t, the other cats would get more.  When Georgia was really down, I let her eat first.  Does this not count for anything?  He keeps saying I have a curly tail. My tail is slender and straight.


Wow, for a minute there I almost felt like Richard Nixon.


  1. Don’t you listen to him! You’re gorgeous, and clearly he has no idea what he’s talking about!

  2. I just discovered your blog and didn’t notice that you were a cat ! So I thought you were a woman complaining about her man !! lol ! Now I see. I also have a cat blog and I would like to link to you. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s under

    Thanks to T13 !

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