Halloween Plans

The Man wants to know what to do for Halloween and what decorations could be put up.  So long as I am not one of them, I don’t care. I mean, yes it could be fun to hide in the shadows and look out at people, so all they can see are my big blue eyes!  I could also be fun to be under the front porch when kids come up on it and then screech as only a Siamese can screech when they are ringing the door bell!  Oh that would be delicious.  Too bad we have a concrete porch.

I am not dressing up. I mean I photoshop well but I don’t do real clothing.  Leave that to Skeezix.  He’s great about that, isn’t he?  Quite cute but it’s not for me.  The woman thinks sometimes that she will sew me up some clothing.  However, if she decides she will try and squeeze me into clothing, it had better have a designer name on it!

At any rate, I am looking forward to making a mess when they carve up a pumpkin!  Those tiny seeds are sure to please. I hope they aren’t too wet.  I wonder if I’d like the flavor of pumpkin and then I can really drive them nuts.


  1. our mommy carved some really cool styrofoam punkins wif some really cool scary scenes, so we will use them again this year. she says she’s going out to get more yard dekorations.

  2. Hey Chey, Mom puts costumes on us. Enjoy the seeds. 🙂

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