Are there Fat Meezers?

The vet told the woman that she could feed Georgia whatever Georgia liked at this point.  So, this means that should Georgia go to the kitchen, she gets fed… And when she doesn’t finish her plate, guess who does?

Yes, I am a happy meezer and that lovely svelt belly could start to pudge.


  1. Sammy is fat – Miles

    Miles has a lead butt – Sammy

  2. I know a fat meezer. He is 16 lbs of chocolate lovin’. He’s my great-uncle and his name is KoKo. But I’m a skinny little meezer.

  3. Remember, the public likes to think that our elected officials are in great physical shape. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to start packing on the pounds at this point.

  4. PUDGE AWAY! You have a long way to catch up with me!

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