Apologies and an Announcement

First off, allow me to apologize. Kukka-Maria brought to my attention that when you load the home page to my website (not the blog you are reading but the main site) something was downloading and it was labeled as a virus. My human female and I read about sites be hijacked like this for the purposes of spreading a virus and we THOUGHT we had our htaccess and our security set so that our site was pretty secure. Alas, it was not.

It may also have happened because in the last three weeks we didn’t make any changes. We didn’t often make a lot of changes but a tweak here and there and it was uploaded fresh about once a week, which I am sure kept any sort of malware that might have attached itself to a minimum.

Now for the announcement… drums please. The NEW and IMPROVED My Siamese is up! YES. About a month ago my human female and Sanjee’s Mom Robyn were chatting via email. Robyn correctly assessed that I have far more personality than my human does and that people and cats would be far more interested in the website if I wrote it rather than my human female. Sanjee, your Mom is to be commended for her insight. Unfortunately this meant I had to work my little paws to the bone re-writing the website from my viewpoint and getting rid of extraneous information that the human thought important. I did allow her to keep her page on Simone, though, but only because I never met Simone.

The human kept her part of the bargain and re-worked the design of the site so that I have more pizzaz. We have been checking the site on the mac in all our browsers and later on will be rechecking on the male human’s PC on his browser (but he likes Internet Explorer) so if you are PC user with more sense and use a creative browser, if something looks odd, let me know.

Another thing we added to the main site was my own email address. Yes, now you can write fan mail directly to me! It’s Cheysuli at mysiamese dot com. Gemini also got her own address and it’s at the same mysiamese dot com but uses Gemini. She and Georgia decided to share that email. Please keep these to your kitty selves. You know how I hate spam.

So again, my apologies for anyone who may have inadvertently picked up the virus from my main site and we will be keeping a closer eye on the whole malware thing.Ā Ā  If you like, you can go and check out my stunning appraisal of gifts for both humans and Siamese here.


  1. Chey- we love your new site! it’s furry professional.

  2. Sorry you had to work your paws to the bone, Chey, but the site looks great! It’s such a curse to be talented, eh?
    ~~ Robyn, Sanjee’s Mom

  3. We will haf our Mom check it out ASAP

  4. that pic of you in the glasses and hat is fabulous! of course, you know you look fabulous, but it never hurts when someone else says it, right? šŸ™‚

  5. Congrats ont eh website! We’ve been reading a lot about hijacked websites and blogs. Humans can be so rude. A Cat would never think to do that to someone elses work.

  6. Lookin’ good on the main page, Chey! Perhaps your site was hijacked by your political rivals!

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