A Sunny Sunday

It was a busy weekend here.   The human male had a birthday and so my two humans were running around trying to celebrate.  Traffic was awful so they got to their dinner reservations half an hour late–yes awful as only Seattle traffic can be when you discover halfway over the 520 Bridge that things are not moving…

Fortunately the restaurant took them in and fed them anyway so I was not required to do my cooking magic.  You see I am quite a chef.   I make a fine pate, a superior ham, and a creme brule to die for.  Of course the human male doesn’t eat pate, like ham or enjoy creme brule.   Just because it was his birthday the woman probably would have insisted I make something else.

Any way, they got home rather late and I laid on the woman’s lap while she watched some sort of horror film with the human male. They got pumpkins yesterday from the pumpkin patch.  I am hearing that I might be posing for a carving!  Can you imagine?! My likeness on a pumpkin. Of course, considering that the woman can’t draw worth beans then well, you probably won’t recognize me…


  1. oooo, you cook ham? ooooooooooooooooooooo :mops up drool from the floor: – Miles

  2. Oh, I thought you was a Tonkinese. But you are beautiful anyways and so intelligent. Of course it is in the genes huh? 🙂 So who taught you to cook? ~KO Ko

  3. I hope you post a picture of the finished pumpkin!

  4. Oh I can’t wait to see a pumpkin that looks like you Chey! Efun if it only looks a lil like you it’s gotta be beeyootiful!

  5. Chey, you can make me creme brulee anytime!

  6. I want to see your face on a pumpkin! My people are lazy and don’t have a pumpkin yet. Maybe I’ll make meowmy get one on her way home from feeding the horsies. But she’d better put me on it!

  7. Oh this is very exciting. Can’t wait to see your likeness on a pumpkin.

  8. I would have much rather had you cook for me!

  9. Chey, that would be cool to be on a pumpkin! I hope you will post some pictures!

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