Worked my Paws to the Bone

The woman was a hard task master today.  I had to write a couple of pages on the website because Sanjee’s pet said I had more personality than the woman did.  I realize that that’s sort of a given, but why does that mean that I have to work so hard?

Then after all that writing I had to do a photo shoot and of course there is the commentary and supervision of edits. I think my right front paw is getting caterapal tunnel syndrome it’s so sore.   Perhaps Gemini will offer me some catupuncture…


  1. aren’t there laws against feline labor?

  2. I’m going to go hide under the bed for about a month now.
    ~~ Sanjee’s pet human

  3. Don’t we all have more personality than humans? After all, we are the superior species!

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