Voting Day

September 12th is the primary election here.  Remember, the man wrote me in for Representative One. The woman goes into vote so I should get my second vote for Representative One tomorrow.   I’m not nearly as interested in the small politics of a single state but it’s a beginning and will give me a taste politics of the game, as they say.

I am no longer on pain medicaiton so there should be no more silliness and my patience is shot with the woman trying to give me medication for that tooth problem I had, way back, was it last week?  I am tired of that stuff being put in my mouth.  Ugh!  I suffer so.

I think I will go off to have a nap and count the many votes that are no doubt coming my way…


  1. Hi.

    Yes a nap sounds like a very good start to a day. Hope you’re feeling much better soon.

    Purrs – The Kitty Cat’s Corner Cats

  2. I’d vote for you Chey!
    I don’t fink Mommy and Grandma will move there so’s I can vote for you tho. Cat Staff has to be humored sumtimes.

  3. good luck in the ‘lection Chey. It’s primary day here too- should our mommy write you in for Governor, Attorney General or Senator?

  4. OH Chey we are so glad that you are feelin’ like your ol’ self again. Boo told me she udderstood how you felt about your human putting all that funny stuff down your throat. When I (oops it wasn’t me…it really wasn’t) scratched Boo’s eye and Momma had to put 3 different types of ointment in her eye, she cried and whined and made Momma feel really bad. Even though all Momma was tryin to do was help her get better. She’s all fine now. But she is furry scairt of me. Anyway I am votin for you today. I know you’re going to win in a landslide.


  5. Oh pretty Chey, I hope you win the election! I’m glad they are ending the meds, I really HATE meds. I was on them for so long I learned pretty fast to run and hide.

  6. O Chey, I so like a cat with ambition! You have my vote!

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