Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen of my favorite foods
1…. Pizza-yes I know it’s very uncatlike, but I love pulling the meat and cheese off the dough when humans aren’t looking!2. Newman’s Own Canned Cat Food. I am not particular about the flavor3. Whiskas–beef flavored. I don’t get that much now, but it was always my favorite then.

4. Lamb flavored formula the woman gets from the PCC. I don’t get it much because I wolf it down and then vomit it back up. But boy does it taste good.

5. Nachos. I love to lick the plate when the woman is done.

6. Chicken. Obvious. Just don’t like lots of spice.

7. Ham. Actually any pork, but like Miles I am partial to ham.

8. Tuna. Real tuna. None of this ‘for cats’ tuna. The real thing, preferably white meat albacore and dolphin safe.

9. Steak. I love anything that humans eat.

10. Turkey. Deli style from out of a sandwhich with just a touch of mayo is the best.

11. Pastrami. I got this once. No mustard please but boy was it good! Or is this another form of ham?

12. Seafood Super from one of the cat food companies. Quite like it.

13. Any canned cat food that I’ve missed. I just am not partial to the hard stuff. And anything else that humans are eating that I shouldn’t, but no vegetables please!

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  1. I like to eat, too……

    Mine’s up too.

  2. Great list!
    That is so cat like!
    Have a great Thursday!
    My TT is up

  3. Very cute! What a smart cat you are, and with such gormet tastes! The woman must be proud! Thanks for visiting! See you next TT…

  4. Wow! You really do enjoy a lot of pet foods! I can’t say the same thing unfortunately. I’m partial to a lot of human drinks, though, like Diet Coke, orange juice, Sprite, and Kool-Aid.

    Happy Thursday to you, Chey, and thanks for coming by to mine!

  5. Pizza, Chey? Wow!

    Does Paul Newman make crunchy food? I don’t like canned, but I love P.N.!

  6. Very nice list, Chey. I like pizza too! Of course, I’m a human, so… But don’t let Merlin see, he’s never tried pizza!

  7. Too late, Mom. Saw it! I want pizza.

  8. Chey, how do you feel about yogurt? My cat-pal Sage is wild about yogurt and melons.

  9. I find it very odd that this list made me extremely hungry…afer all I’m not big on cat food, but then again it doesn’t look like that would be your #1 pick either. 🙂

    Happy Thursday!

  10. The Siamese cat who used to own me, named Whiskers, also enjoyed eating the meat and cheese off of Pizza. I wonder if it’s a Meezer thing? Nice list of foods. 🙂

  11. There’s something called C/D cat food, which is like kitty crack to my Pooh Bear. He also prefers the cheese from Kraft dinner mac n cheese. 🙂 But he doesn’t like pizza, just me. 🙂

  12. wow, paul newman makes canned kitty food? MOOOOMMMMMM, get me some! oh…………….please? oh, and while you’re at the store, get some of that ofurr ham stuff – pas-tra-mi that Chey was talking about. that sounds good.

    Thanks for all the ideas Chey! – Miles

  13. You and I have some very similar food habits and tastes. Maybe I was a cat in my last lifetime?

    Nice to see such pretty photo of you…

    and my TT list is especially important for animal life here on earth, it could be life changing for you!


  14. hi! thanks for visiting my blog… its my first time to join TT.

  15. I like my tuna raw. Ahi is the best!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  16. Human, feline, who doesn’t love pizza?

    Thanks for visiting me today 🙂

  17. Wow (or Miaow), something of a gourmet cat! ANd I like it that you like the real thing like the real Tuna!



    p.s. my TT is up!

  18. Great list! The last thing I ate was a red bird that got too close…I probably should have waited for some of that Paul Newmann stuff…

    thanks for visiting our TT!

  19. my kitty is an IAM kitty!

  20. Hi, thanks for your visit yesterday and your comments. A lot of people had such interesting things to say about my post about the environment…that I have posted a response in a new post there today. If you have a chance, I would like to hear your perspective on this new post…

  21. You made me hungry.
    My TT is up.

  22. My cat’s favourite is tuna in brine.

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