Snakes on a Plane: Paws DOWN

Okay, a big paws down to Snakes on a Plane.

Early scenes on the plane show a lovely seal point in a carrier in the cargo hold. Now first off, who sends their seal point in a cargo hold?  Second off, when the snakes get out, we see our lovely seal point meow at them, angrily (as any good Meezer would) and then wap, the snake crawls in and we see the carrier shake and then nothing… There are four other carriers, one holding a Westie and do we see that dog go? NO! It’s only the Meezer.

To add insult to injury, we hear nothing further about our lovely meezer through the movie. There is no mourning.  No perosn sitting in the plane worried about their kitty with all these snakes around.   Now, before you think I’m being too sensitive, I had to go over to Meezer Tails and make sure Sammy and Miles were okay because, okay, it was THAT close…


  1. fank goodness we wasn’t on a plane this weekend- we was in the metal monster wif wheels. but now we will tell mommy not to go see that movie

  2. Well HMPH! We’re gonna boycott that movie, then.
    ~~ Boni

  3. That sucks.

    That’s almost as bad as what happened to poor Marilyn on “Prison Break.”

    No way is my Mom going to see that movie now.

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