Revisiting Calendar Girl

I have been revisited with the idea of being in a calendar. This time I wouldn’t be a pin up exactly as I could pose in any position I wanted to and not just the revealing, sexy ones. The price is slightly better and of course my reputation wouldn’t suffer nearly as much.   I’m just not certain that I want to spend the time posing for the camera.

It’s bad enough that I need some good photos to show off my ears for Frootbat Friday.  I also need some good photos for my campaign.  I think I need one of me and a nice family to show that I have family values even if I am a cat.

Of course, first we must work towards cats having voting rights. Apparently being registered is not enough!  People need to be educated about how smart we are and how we can help them govern themselves… It could be a long haul. Maybe I should just do the calendar and get lots of money…


  1. Money is always a good starting point. And so is the publicity of a calendar.

  2. It’d be a way to start getting campaign funds, Chey. I’d go for it.

  3. You look purrty to me. I think the calendar would be a good idea. All that money…..just think, you could hire another personal servant who would feed you upon demand!

  4. Perhaps you could look through all your old photos and find enough good ones already… no work and a great calendar too.

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