Really I AM a nice cat

So in between working my paws to the bone, I have been sitting with Georgia. Her acne spot has already cleared up, so it does not seem to be the problem. The woman says that she has had those spots before–usually when there is another stress around.

At any rate, she is eating and drinking well. What a nice cat I am. We got an extra feeding this morning because the woman was worried about Georgia and she was right behind me to the food dish and I waited until she was about done before I started pigging out. She ate A LOT–probably a quarter of a can. I don’t think she’s wasting away.

Still, the woman worries. She has a veterinarian appointment tomorrow. It seems that Georgia’s right hind leg doesn’t bear full weight any longer. She walks okay, mostly, but certain turns and poses that require slightly more weight than usual make her fall to her right. The woman is also worried because of the way Georgia reacts to people approaching her from that side–she is concerned that she may have had a small stroke or something (Do cats have strokes?). It’s as if she doesn’t see as well–of course it could just be the body positioning required to turn and look from that side so it could be compensation for the hip.

At any rate, I spend my free time (such as it is) with Georgia, napping with her and making sure she is okay. I haven’t bothered her or pushed her around at all. She is being a bit sulky because the woman won’t let her outside since noticing she’s slightly unstable…

I knew you all would just think Gemini would be the cuddle muffin at this time but she’s off in her usual disappear during the day haunts and I am here napping with the old girl and keeping her company. I’m not really the orgre I’m made out to be–but don’t tell, okay? It could ruin my reputation!


  1. Well Chey, of course you are a nice kitty – you are a Meezer. And us Meezers usually step up to the plate to help our elderly brofurrs and sisfurrs, like we did wif Norton and Trixie. We would nefurr push them ofurr on purpose if they was unsteady. I’m shur Georgia really appreciates your company. – Sammy

  2. We knew it! hehehe But we won’t tell and ruin yer reppytation.

    PS It’s my human pet (aka Mommy) hiding under the bed, not me. I only hide under there when I want my sisfurs to leave me alone.

  3. My goodness, I hope Georgia is all right. It’s very nice of you to cuddle with her and not be mean. I won’t tell anyone that you are being nice, either.

  4. That is so nice of you to spend time taking care of Georgia. I sure hope she’s okay.

  5. I sort of remember trying to be nice to the dog we used to have. It wasn’t easy since he was a dog, after all…it’s got to be easier being nice to another cat.

    I hope Georgia is ok.

  6. I am glad you are stiing with Georgia and keeping her company. It is no fun being sick.

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