I went to vote today. I had my hat and my glasses, so I was *quite* appropriate. I  had my voter registration card and was ready to go.  The woman put my harness because she won’t let me out without it.   And we drove over to the school where voting was.   She was immediately let in.  I was stopped. 

“But you are a cat,” they said.

“I said but I have a voter registration card.”

“Cats don’t vote.”

“I do.  I’ve registered and I think I should be allowed to vote in today’s primary.”

“We can’t let a cat vote!”

“Why not?  They let me register and they were clearly aware that I am a cat.”

“Cats don’t vote.”

“I’m here.”

“Cats don’t have the intelligence to vote.”

“Supposedly they don’t talk either, and hello?  Who exactly are you talking to?”

“Still I can’t let a cat vote.”

“And your name?”

“why is that important?”

“When I make a complaint I will be sure and mention it.”

“Well go ahead.  Everyone knows that cats don’t vote.”

“Wait until I’m president.  You know I am running in 2008.”

Laughter around the room.

“Look at the kitty,” said a child coming into the library area where the voting boths were.

“Uh oh,” I said and high tailed it out of there, catching the woman.  She picked me up and carried me rather gracelessly to the car.   I have not been able to take advantage of my rights as a catizen of the United States.  I realize I have heard of this happening but this time it happened to me.   I will be writing to everyone I can think of, including the governor, the head voter registration, and my representatives!  This is an OUTRAGE!  Cats can’t vote.  Cats are too unintelligent!  I NEVER!


  1. Oh my, this is a complete injustice!! I mean, you were registered and the stupid woman should have let you vote. I say they hire cats at the poles as they are clearly more intelligent than the people they hire.

  2. they won’t efenn let me register in New York. Ferst,they say I’m too young ‘acause I’m only 1. Then they say that I’m a cat. I don’t mind the age dis-crim-i-nation, but the speciest fing is just wrong. – Miles

  3. Has anyone ever told you how incredibly intelligient you look with your glasses on?

    Keep voting, you can change the world cat!

    Candy’s Thursday Thirteen…


  4. Maybe you should immigrate to Canada. I hear they are far more liberal there.

  5. They won’t be laughing when you’re sitting in the Oval Office. You’ll win in a landslide after every cat in America votes for you! That is, of course, if we get to vote.

  6. We should all take a bus to the white house and stage a protest. Her not letting you vote with a voter’s registration card shows you’re definitely more intelligent than her!! I would have poufed my fur and hissed at her!

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