I had to WORK

The humans were running around doing stuff around the house. They decided to paint the wall blue–alas it’s not quite a match to my eyes.  They will need to do a different color.  At any rate, then they moved furniture and I had to supervise *that* too.

They were working so long and hard that I was forced to WAIT for my dinner. Can’t they see I’m wasting away?


  1. oh no, you’re starving to death!

  2. NOT cool. Not cool at all. Meezers should never be made to wait, especially after all that hard work supervising!

  3. I hear ya! My Meowm always takes to long to feed me! Especially in the morning!

  4. I’m sure without your supervision, the humans would’ve made you wait LONGER!

  5. You are wasting away to NOTHING, Chey! Those are some selfish humans you have!

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