Dental Update

Well thanks to Gemini many of you already know I had to visit the vet. It was a typical annual exam where I was stuffed unceremoniously into a carrier and then driven to the veterinarian. She does only cats so at least she understood that my responses were normal for a Siamese. She also thought I was lovely and that they don’t get many chocolates. She says I have a good face for a wedgie Siamese as it’s small and not to exaggerated. She also thought that overall I am “purrfect” (her words not mine–do not even THINK I could be that cute–and not in a cat way.

I do, however, have bad teeth. She thinks I may have something called LPG and here is a little something I found out about it:

Feline lymphocytic, plasmacytic gingivitis (LPG) is a condition unique to cats that is seen fairly frequently. This condition is characterized by an exaggerated inflammation of the gum tissue in response to a relatively mild accumulation of plaque. The gingival tissue is also very thickened and painful. Sometimes the affected tissue may extend all the way back to the tonsillar area. These patients should be checked for Feline Leukemia, Feline Immunodefiency Virus, and other possible metabolic disease (kidney failure). Most cases of LPG are thought to be some form of immune reaction to relatively low concentrations of bacteria in the plaque. Early cases can sometimes be managed with frequent cleaning, steroids, and antibiotics. Eventually most cases become chronic and non-responsive to this form of treatment. Therefore, the best current long-term treatment for this is total extraction. Although this may sound extreme, by eliminating the surfaces on which plaque is allowed to accumulate, the gingival reaction ceases. Furthermore, by stopping the chronic inflammation, the potential systemic effects are also limited.

This vet said it was more common in wedgie Siamese because of the shape of our face. It is less common in Appleheads, which she apparently sees a lot of.

Here is another article where I found out more information. This article actually recognizes that it is more common in Siamese cats. The woman is trying to research this to find out what sorts of Chinese herbs she should give me. She is an acupuncturist. Unfortunately there are no naturopathic vets, although I guess there is one a ways away that does homeopathy. Perhaps I will end up over there…


  1. Oh, then since we’re appleheads, we might not get it? maybe we can talk mommy out of trying to brush our teefs.

  2. Oh I hate the vet. I’m glad you came through okay! Good luck with your teeth. I’ve never had anyone look at mine, maybe I should get my Mom to look into that.

  3. We hopes your Mommy can find a good way to help you wif your teefs, Chey!

  4. One of our vets does homeopathic stuff. He is Dr. Dym and he is VERY good. But he is in NJ…

    Meowmy says there are lots of meezer who have this and sometimes they do loose their teeth. But that’s OK because they feel MUCH better and get to only eat stinky goodness.

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